Wine Society of East Tennessee
Reservation Policy for Wine Society Events

Reservations for members at all Wine Society events are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and must be made by calling the Wine Society answering machine at 865-675-8960 to guarantee your priority on the reservation list. The answering machine will state the date that reservations will be accepted. You will need to state your name, membership number, the event you wish to attend, the number of reservations you are requesting, and the name of your guest(s). Reservations must be followed up immediately with a check made payable to the Wine Society of East Tennessee for the full cost of the total reservations made. Reservations made, and not paid for by the deadline for the event, are subject to cancellation unless arrangements have been made to assure payment.

You may also reserve by sending an email to

If you are not a member, you may attend as a member's guest or join the Society prior to the event and make reservations as a member. The answering machine will announce when you can make phone reservations.

All Wine Society members need to remember that once a reservation is made, you are obligated to pay for that event unless you cancel before the date specified for close of reservations, whether you are able to actually attend or not.  The society is able to receive the pricing and meals it does because we commit to a certain number of attendees in advance, and thus must pay for our commitment - even if some do not attend.  Help us keep our prices reasonable - remember to observe the payment and cancellation policies.